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S2 Elk Call Tuning

With season just a week a way and elk calls flying off the shelves we’ve had quite a few people inquiring about using S2 mouth calls and how to get optimal sounds when in the woods. So here is a quick run down on how to quickly tune your mouth call to ensure that you get the perfect fit and seal to the roof of your mouth.
20140822_101324All our calls come hand stretched with a standard flat frame, however not everyone’s mouth shape is identical, pallets come in all shapes and sizes so it is necessary to tune your calls to fit your mouth. Here is a look at the side profile of The Contender right out of the package, as you can see there is no bend to this call. 20140822_101449To keep all air flow hitting the bottom side of the reed and to keep it from stalling out during a bugle or higher volume cow mews it is necessary to put a slight bend in the frame to ensure you get a tight seal to the roof of the mouth and you allow more contact area for air flow. Here is how, place the bottom of the reed facing towards you with your thumb and forefinger pinching each side of the frame just as pictured.20140822_101910 With slight pressure from your finger, slowly bend the open end of the reed toward you, do this in small increments until you get the correct fit to your mouth and you achieve the ease of use that you desire. You will see what the finished tuning looks like in this picture, you will notice a slight bend downward that when placed in your mouth and air is presented to the latex, you will have more air contact on the latex and the frame will fit tightly in the slope of your pallet. 20140822_102017We hope this helps you easily produce the sounds the bulls love to hear this hunting season, please email us with any questions regarding our products and tips on calling to sales@s2calls.com. We wish you all the best of 20140822_102232luck this season and look forward to seeing some photos of big bulls on the ground. Be The Game.

Oregon Spring Bear

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Oregon Duck and Goose Hunting – S2 Calls and Outfitters

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Canada Goose Hunting – Freelancing the Canadian Prairie

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Oregon Duck Hunting – Summer Lake Opener

Oregon Duck Hunting – Summer Lake Opener

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Welcome to S2 Calls

Eric and Bryan would like to welcome everyone to our website  and say thank you…. Thank you to all our family and friends that have been so supportive and encouraging to us over this past year to take our dreams and make them a reality. We both share a great amount of passion for callingContinue Reading

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